Rare and Quality Peony Flower Bone China Tea Set



This fine bone china tea set is sold for $54.3

Sip your morning tea from this fine china tea set that will surely make you look forward to waking up early.


Featuring brilliant design of peony flower in their full bloom, this china tea set comes to please your eyes and make your morning tea time much more tasteful and enjoyable. 


[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Front Photo of China Peony Porcelain Tea Cup"]Front Photo of China Peony Porcelain Tea Cup[/caption]


Your china tea set is crafted out of fine bone china, which has long been admired as “the finest variety of all chinaware”.


Thanks to its solid bone china texture, your china tea set is able to endure many years of use without giving up its bright shine.


Your bone china tea set is easy to use and maintain, because you can simply get them washed in a dishwasher or use them in a microwave.


Each cup is matched with a saucer, which lets you to enjoy your tea in a traditional British way.


This fine china tea set comes with two sets of cup and saucer, making a great way for you to spend some quality time with your loved one.


Buy this fine bone china tea set now and show friends your fine taste of arts and life.
















Story of Jasmine Flower Tea

How was Jasmine tea invented?


It is a touching story behind.


It is alleged that Jasmine flower tea relates to a tea merchant Gu Qiu Chen, who was a kind man.


One winter day, Chen invited a master to taste tea, discussing what tea does North people prefer. At this moment, Chen erupted to think that a girl in south china once send him a packet of tea.


Poured hot water into it, firstly came the fragrant smell, then mist coming out with an image of a beautiful girl holing a boutique of jasmine flowers, very soon the image became a mass of hot air.


Chen puzzled and consulted the tea guru who answered: “Brother Chen, you must do good things in the past. This is 'gratitude cents' which is the highest grade of tea. This was a legend in the tea history but I never saw with my eyes. Today, it broadened my vision. Who sent you this tea?”  


“Three years ago, I met a poor girl in South China whose father died and she did not have money to bury him. I was very sad, gave her some money and helped her to find her relatives.

This year, I visited her hometown again and met grandpa who was asked to send this packet of tea by that little girl.”


Guru nodded his head, and said: “to create this quality of tea will exhaust people’s energy. I am afraid you will never meet her again.” These two men lamented.


Then the master suddenly said: "Why did she only hold jasmine?"

They repeated brewing again, and that holding Jasmine girl came again. Guru enlightened: "In my opinion, this is the tea cents imply, Jasmine can be made as the tea."

The following year they put Jasmine added to the tea, and ​​a fragrance seductive jasmine tea, deeply is favorite by northerners.  From then on, it came as jasmine tea.






Antique Felt Chinese Tea Set: Pictographic Designs


This retro-look Chinese tea set comes from Guangzhou. It includes a teapot, a jug, and six tea cups. It is now offered at a discounted price of 98 USD.


A good tea set is not only a piece of functional tea-ware but also a piece of great artwork. This antique felt Chinese tea set is one of those good tea sets.


[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="200" caption="Old Porcelain Chinese Tea Set"]Old Porcelain Chinese Tea Set[/caption]


The more you use the teapot, the better the flavor becomes. Because the teapot is crafted out of clay, there are many pores in the body, which allows tea nutrients to build up and give a boost to following brews.


Some say, if you use the teapot for enough times, you can brew a fragrant cup of tea with putting in the tea leaves.


When the tea becomes cold, you can even put the teapot over a fire to heat it again. With usual teapots, you can’t do such things, they will break.


The tea set adds a lovely retro touch to your home. Graced with pictographic designs, the tea set has the feel that it is just excavated from a Ming Dynasty tomb 500 years ago.


This set also makes a perfect gift to give to a tea set connoisseur friend, who won’t find a similar tea set these days in the west.


Guarantee: All of our Chinese tea sets are the works of master potters who perfected their techniques through years of tradition and training. We are proud to guarantee the quality of your tea set.



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Chinese Tea Set: Intensely Tactile Experience


Plum Blossom Chinese Tea Set


This beautiful Plum Blossom Chinese tea set includes 1 quality teapot, 1 useful tea ground removing cup and 6 comfortable drinking tea cups. It is now offered at 138 USD.


High grade tea should be brewed in a quality Chinese tea set, because “a swift horse should be given a good saddle”, as the Chinese always say.


[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="250" caption="Plum Blossom Chinese Tea Set"]Plum Blossom Chinese Tea Set[/caption]

This beautiful Plum Blossom Chinese tea set offers you flowing tea drinking experience that involves all of your five senses!


Crafted out of quality clay that excels in slowing down the heat conducting, your teapot retains the warmth for extra-long time and brews the tea better and tastier.


The clay used for your tea set making is the same as the famous white porcelain, that's why your tea set looks more like a high class porcelain art work perfect for displaying on your shelf.


A simple look on your tea brew will make you feel pleasant. The pure white glaze makes a lovely background against the golden color of the tea brew ready to serve.


No worry about the safety of the glaze. It's odorless and lead-free, definitely to make your drinking as pleasant as you expect.


Except making delicious tea, the tea set is a wonderful massage for sore eyes! Our master potters take the wares as his canvas and create you a scene of early spring.


Do you also hear the footsteps of the spring? Chill is still in the air, but the plum trees can't just wait to write a nice full mark for the winter by offering you trees after trees of beautiful blossoms.


“No intent to compete with the crowd of flowers for beauty, but the beauty and resilience is already obvious in the chill”. The Chinese scholars set a high value for this modesty and take it as their motto to guide their daily lives.


The jug-style cup is called Gongdao Bei or “fair cup”. It is used to settle the tea ground before it is served to the guests. And this step can't be missed for a fine scholar cares a lot about his manners in front of guests.


Also including 6 cups, your tea set makes a perfect excuse to gather around some friends and spend some quality time together.


Add this artistic Chinese tea set to your collection now and amaze your guests right away!

Guarantee: All of our Chinese tea sets are the works of master potters who perfected their techniques through years of tradition and training. We are proud to guarantee the quality of your tea set.



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Brilliant China Tea Set Pleasing Both the Eyes and T


Whether you love green tea, black tea or rock tea, this wonderful China teapot is as much a pleasure for the eyes as it is for the taste buds.


Made out of the porous purple clay, you teapot is able to gradually and naturally get your tea brews taste better and better as more and more tea nutrients settle in those tiny pores.


[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Brilliant China Tea Set Pleasing Both the Eyes and Taste Buds"]Brilliant China Tea Set Pleasing Both the Eyes and Taste Buds[/caption]

“The Wind Camls Down and The Clouds Clear Up”, the engravings brilliantly done on a calligraphy works on one side the teapot go.


On the oppositing side, a mind calming scene of bamboo plants swinging in the wind is displayed.


Every time you reach for the teapot, it is a sheer comfort. The handle is made into a bamboo style and pleases holding hand wonderfully well.


Your china teapot is brilliantly designed. Check out the tiny hole atop the lid button. When you are finished pouring, simply press your index finger onto it and the tea will stop flowing out of the spout. What a genius design!


Your china teapot is made in Yixing, the most renowned town for making teapot in China.


Buy this china teapot now and you make a quite wise investment. The purple clay used to make your china tea pot is expected to become extinct in a few short years and your china teapot will jump in dozens of folds in value.


Get this beautiful china teapot now and it will become an absolute conversation starter.







Golden Fish Chinese Tea Set



The Golden Fish Chinese tea set includes a brewing cup, a jug, and 8 cups, enough for a small tea party. It is now offered at a discounted price of 91 USD.


Meanings of symbols vary in different countries. The Golden Fish carried on this Chinese tea set makes it a perfect gift for a VIP client from China.


Fish in Chinese culture is a symbol of ‘abundance’. It appears on a painting, vase, and here the tea set to wish a recipient an abundant life in the years ahead.


[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="200" caption="Golden Fish Chinese Tea Set"]Golden Fish Chinese Tea Set[/caption]


Giving this gift to the Chinese client, and he feels you understands his culture, and had put thoughts in selecting it.


Your client will not hesitate to show it to guests, as the tea set is a gift that ‘gain him face’. The tea set comes from Jingdezhen in southern China. The town is the world’s porcelain capital, and the Chinese are proud of owning tea set from Jingdezhen.


But then again, this Chinese tea set is a real deal!


It is crafted with the famous Kaolin clay, which is considered the best quality clay to make porcelain.


However, the truth is Kaolin clay is predicted to run out of reserve in just a few short years. So the prices could soar very soon.


You always want to drink one more cup using this tea set. The pure white glaze sets a lovely background for your golden-color tea brew every time you drink from it.


Guarantee: All of our Chinese tea sets are the works of master potters who perfected their techniques through years of tradition and training. We are proud to guarantee the quality of your tea set.


 Is there a china tea set which function well and has a beautiful appearance? Check this one.


Porcelain Tea Sets: The Pride of Tea Pottery



A fine porcelain tea set from Jingdezhen is merely 65 US Dollars.


The porcelain industry of Jingdezhen, China has become famous not just in the said country but in worldwide societies as well. Most tea lovers would like to try their drink brewed and prepared in porcelain tea sets for the thrill of having to enjoy a cup of tea over a well known tea-friendly material. The porcelain made in this region and its elaborate description of paper-thin measurement, mirror-bright image and jade-white color all account for the reverence it gets from other porcelain centers in the world.

[caption id="2" align="aligncenter" width="250" caption="Your elegant Jingdezhen Orchid Flower Chinese tea set"]Your elegant Jingdezhen Orchid Flower Chinese tea set[/caption]
Special order

The Jingdezhen Chinese Porcelain tea sets are a must for tea enthusiasts and a must-try for beginners. Do not be confused with what color to choose from, either white or light blue because the two are the same basically. The Northern part of the region uses the white shade while the southern part chooses the lighter color of blue. There is no significance or whatsoever of the color of the set.


This specific set for example contains six cups and one pot with designs that are purely hand-made. The play of colors forms a figure of a cymbidium (orchid) flower. This flower is known to represent spiritual purity in virtue and morality in Chinese tradition, just the kind of feeling one gets after enjoying a session with this set.


With its six-piece cups, the set is surely a fact to be cherished with friends and family. The cup’s height of 4.2 centimeters with a brim diameter of 8.6 centimeters is perfectly crafted to hold about 100 to 150 millimeters of tea and to soothe one’s needs in tea sipping. The

[caption id="2" align="aligncenter" width="250" caption="The tea set is crafted in the world-famous Jingdezhen"]The tea set is crafted in the world-famous Jingdezhen[/caption]
Special order


handy base provides the needed extra protection for the palms of tea drinkers so that no unwarranted hand burning happens in the course of the session. The wider diameter makes the cooling of the brew a no-mess so that sipping becomes easy and comfortable; exactly what the whole tea session is all about.


The exceptional coating and glazing of the porcelain tea sets inside and out bring out the best of the brew, no matter what kind of tea it is. The cups specifically have the ability to retain the aroma and flavor over a period of time, without altering succeeding infusions.


Given these information, one would be led to the simple story behind the start of the porcelain’s role in tea pottery. It is narrated that a government official from the Jin Dynasty (265-420 A.D.) moved to a quiet town called Jingdezhen. A lover of porcelain making, he mastered the art of shaping, heating and coating of tea sets into a once poor tea ware industry of the area. He taught the people there with what he knew and almost 1, 500 years after; Jingdezhen becomes what is known as China’s ‘Porcelain Capital.’


Guarantee: All of our Chinese tea sets are the works of master potters who perfected their techniques through years of tradition and training. We are proud to guarantee the quality of your tea set.


Chinese loves blue and white porcelain, checking this blue and white porcelain tea set will leave no regret.

The Quality Peony Chinese Tea Set Made For Royalty



Apparently, it is a lively and red tea cup made of Jingdezhen porcelain. At this moment, it is only 46 USD.


Give the gift that is made for royalty!

Featuring a brilliant painting of peony flowers, the fetching Chinese tea set creates a striking sight to please your eyes.

Look! Flowers of different colors blossom in the same tree. Only the most lucky have the chance to behold such a rare scene in nature.

[caption id="2" align="aligncenter" width="260" caption="Your high-quality Peony Chinese tea set"]Your high-quality Peony Chinese tea set[/caption]
Limited Quantity in Stock


Admired as the 'national flower' , peony is symbol of wealth and immense beauty in China, as the characters at the side the flowers subtly indicate.

Congratulate yourself for your good luck of owning such a rare red tea cup. A popular sayings goes: you're already lucky enough to have one successful red tea set out of 1, 000 you crafted.

The tea sets have to be fired at 1300 Celcius degress. However, the red pigments melt and vapaorize at around 800 Celcius degrees. It requires an extremely set of techniques for a success. Till this day, no potters outside China knows the craftsmanship.

Enjoy steaming hot tea even hours into your conversation. Your tea cup is crafted out of fine Kaolin clay, which makes your tea cup an excellent heat-preserver.

Enjoy your tea in ease. The pure glaze is odorless, and contains no hazardous materials that may harm your health.

Your Chinese tea cup is packaged in an elegant matching box.


Guarantee: All of our Chinese tea sets are the works of master potters who perfected their techniques through years of tradition and training. We are proud to guarantee the quality of your tea set.


Want to know more about other conspicious china tea set? This quality clay china tea pot is a wonderful choice.

Chairman Mao Poem Chinese Tea Set: Rare and Graceful



It is a Jingdezhen porcelain tea cup with price of 42 USD.


As with many international political figures, the icons of Chairman Mao Tse-tung today graces T-shirts, bags, clocks, and now this stylish Chinese tea cup.

'The mountains dance like silver snakes; the highlands charge like wax-hued elephants...  my motherland is so rich in beauty', as he gasps in his most famous poem Snow inscribed onto your tea cup.

Take your time admiring the bright red sheen. A lucky color in China, it adds a lovely decorative flair to your coffee table.

[caption id="2" align="aligncenter" width="200" caption="Chairman Mao poem Chinese tea cup"]Chairman Mao poem Chinese tea cup[/caption]
Limited Quantity in Stock


A fine bone china, your tea cup extracts a deeper and more  crisp flavor out of your tea. This is because fine bone china tea sets do a better job in trapping heat than normal tea sets.

The heat-preserving property also keeps your tea steaming hot even hours into your conversation with friends.

The pure glaze of your tea cup contains no lead or other hazardous materials. It's truly a 'green' tea cup, good to your health.

Your tea cup is good investment, as red bone china is rare and a hot collection item today in the market.

Your tea cup is handcrafted in Jingdezhen. The town in central China has been making the country's best porcelain for over 800 years.

13.5 cm in height, your Chinese tea cup is able to brew you up to 37 oz of tea each time.


Guarantee: All of our Chinese tea sets are the works of master potters who perfected their techniques through years of tradition and training. We are proud to guarantee the quality of your tea set.



Would you like to look at a clay tea set, this china tea set with significance of buddhism feathers is speical.

The Perfect Memory-Cherishing Chinese Tea Set


[caption id="2" align="aligncenter" width="280" caption="The rare Peking Opera Masks Chinese tea cup"]The rare Peking Opera Masks Chinese tea cup[/caption]

Limited Quantity in Stock


A red tea cup with Jingdezhen porcelain is 42 USD now.


When it comes to choosing a gift to wrap up your tour in Beijing, nothing is more ideal than this tasteful Chinese tea cup to cherish memory.

The cup is a fine combination of elements Beijing is most famous for.

Check out the brilliant handpaintings of Peking Opera facial dressings! The form of art has been around for nearly 300 years. Even today, many Beijingers watch the opera at their leisure.

Your tea cup comes with a lovely lid. The design is popular among Beijingers as it keeps the tea warm for extra time when they watch a Peking Opera performance.  

Impressed by the bright red sheen of your cup? A color of nobility, red dominants the walls of the world-famous Forbidden City at the heart of Beijing. Today, the festive color is nicknamed 'China Red'.

The cultural notes behind your tea cup is a good starter of conversation, and you will surely be at the center of the crowd.  

Your tea cup is sturdy enough to pass on for generations. Crafted out of fine Kaolin clay, it is tough and  wear-resisting.

The pure, odorless glaze is safe, as it contains no lead to do harm to your health.

Due to the rarity of red Chinese tea sets, yours could soon become a hot object of persuit for discerned collectors.


Guarantee: All of our Chinese tea sets are the works of master potters who perfected their techniques through years of tradition and training. We are proud to guarantee the quality of your tea set.


If you are looking for a good quality purple clay china tea set, then this one you cannot miss.

Cheerful Chinese Tea Set: Magpies on Plum Trees


This cheerful Magpie and Plum Tree Chinese tea set comes directly from Jingdezhen. It includes a teapot, a fair-cup and 6 cups fit for a small tea party. The tea set sells 99 USD and the price could soon rise.


[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="348" caption="Maggie Primula Chinese Porcelain Tea Set"]Maggie Primula Chinese Porcelain Tea Set[/caption]

The arrival of spring wakes everything: flowers begin to bloom, grass becomes green, and you can finally enjoy a cup of tea in your rocking chair in your backyard in the warmth of the sun.


This Chinese tea set is created just to celebrate such a moment when the smell of life and energy is in the air.


What a beautiful scene to rest your eyes on! On the bodies of the

teapot and cups, Chinese plum trees bloom into clouds of puffy red and white blossoms. Lively magpies are twittering at the treetops as if discussing a new fresh plan to jumpstart a happy year ahead.

Never will a nuisance dampen your spirit. The calligraphy works on the body of the teapot says: a clear spirit as felt through a pure and bright moon; sweet scents travel over wall to warm your heart.


This Chinese tea set is fun to use. The pure, white glaze cups set a lovely background for the golden color brew, and you simply can’t help but drink one more cup.


Put the cups under a light, and you seem to be able to see through their bodies.


The tea set is fired with pine wood, which is rich in turpentine and gives your set the moist appearance.


This lovely Chinese tea set is crafted in Jingdezhen, a place in southern China that used to host the imperial kilns in ancient China.


Guarantee: All of our Chinese tea sets are the works of master potters who perfected their techniques through years of tradition and training. We are proud to guarantee the quality of your tea set. Want to look at more Porcelain Chinese Tea Sets? This page is for that. In addition, this china tea set with tradition design is unique.





Unique Chinese Tea Set for A Healthy Lifestyle

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Unique Chinese Tea Set for A Healthy Lifestyle"]Unique Chinese Tea Set for A Healthy Lifestyle[/caption]


A unique Chinese Tea Set for a big time tea lover, this beautiful tea set brews you a tasty cup of tea and enlightens you at the same time.


A pure and hazardous-free layer of glaze on the teapot traps heat quite well and allows your tea to be better brewed.


A tiny hole on the lid let extra heat to escape and prevents you tea from being over-brewed. This way, the benefits of your organic tea can be put to best play.


''Cultivate your heart and nurture your mind'', the characters on the bodies of teapot and cups subtly remind you. Don't fight the world and you will much happier.


Including a teapot and six cups, this unique gift is perfect to serve a small tea party.



This wonderful celadon China tea set comprises a brewing cup and four drinking cups.


This china tea set comes from Longquan, Fujian Province, where celadon porcelain has been made since Yuan Dynasty about 700 years ago.




Unique Dragon Design China Tea Set



This unique dragon design china tea set is sold for only 57.17USD.


After seeing enough china tea sets, this one is sure to get a big “WOW” from you.


Unlike the usual china teapot, the brewing vessel in this china tea set gives you a big tube that can hold as many as 220 ml tea brews.


[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Unique Dragon Design China Tea Set"]Unique Dragon Design China Tea Set[/caption]

The “teapot” comes with a plug-in strainer. If you don't want it, simply take it out.


Of the two glass covers coming with the “teapot”, one serves as the lid, and the other serves as a base which prevent any heat burn as you hold it.


The cups are coated with a thin layer of pure and odorless glaze, and won't spoil the true flavor of your tea.


Both the “teapot” and cups feature delicate designs of Chinese dragons against a red color. Both the dragon design and the red color played and continue to play a significant cultural role in China.


In ancient China, dragon was a symbol of the emperors. If someone used dragon somewhere on his possessions, he could face death.


The color red is an auspicious color that is said to be able to bring the owner fortune and good luck. Today, the red color is used in weddings, festivals and other celebrations.


This unique china tea set comprises of a tea brewing “tube' and six cups, great for a small tea party.




'Grazing' Chinese Tea Set: Fun and Relaxing



That is a Jingdezhen porcelain tea set at the price of 87 USD.


For big time lovers of country life, there is no more ideal gift to spice up your tea time than this idyllic 'Grazing' Chinese teapot.

Look! A boy shepherd is grazing his cattle in the warmth of the Spring. A plum tree is blooming luxuriantly on high. The boy, too short for the flowers, gets to the back of his cattle, and snaps a spray to cheer his younger sister up. So delighted, his little sister in nyoko pigtail hair merrily streches out to catch the flowers.

[caption id="2" align="aligncenter" width="240" caption="The 'Grazing' Chinese tea set makes a great gift for country life lovers"]The Grazing Chinese tea set makes a great gift for country life lovers[/caption]
Special Order

What a pleasurable, poetic  painting!

The poem on the cups illustrates 'Joyously singing, the shepherding boy goes back home riding the cattle'.

Impressed by the pure glaze as white as milk? They are odorless and hazard-free, and accentuates the lovely golden color of your tea brew.

Celebrate your good luck owing such a rare tea set. The unusal shapes of the teapot and cups are not something you see often in your local china shop.

The teapot that looks much like a motorcycle helmet,  is extremely difficult to mold and fire.  Even as deft as our master potter wasted piles of clay before successfully made yours.

Now  brew you tea in this quality Chinese set surely to make you smile!


Guarantee: All of our Chinese tea sets are the works of master potters who perfected their techniques through years of tradition and training. We are proud to guarantee the quality of your tea set.


Chinese artists like indicating the deep meaningness in their artwork, and this china tea set with fish mean shows the artisan pursue the quiet life in coutryside.


In China, butterflies and flowers symbolize freedom, devotion, and love. Hence, this china tea set is a good choice to have oriental touch.





Funky Spider's Web Chinese Tea Set

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="352" caption="Out of Store: The Yixing web tea set"]The Yixing web tea set[/caption]

This unique tea set is sold out. Please have a look at our other models.



This amazing Yixing purple clay tea set pulls qualities out of your tea that you never knew it had: your brew is more fragrant, more delicious, and more loyal to the natural essences of the original tea plant.

What’s more, your tea sticks around long after you’ve finished the last drop.

The walls of each item are absorbent, so some of your tea gets trapped inside. A beautiful, fragrant layer takes shape and enhances the flavor of your next serving.

The secret material inside each item in this set unlocks these qualities, but most people are too busy admiring the designs on the surface.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="290" caption="Out of Store: The Yixing web tea set"]The Yixing web tea set[/caption]

Fine yellow lines and abstract shapes cover every one of your items. They catch your eye every day, even when just stored on a shelf.

And try to resist the urge to bring it out for every guest; the beautiful patterns will only earn demands that you share the unique story behind this set.

So what do you suppose this set is made of? It contains a special purple clay that can only be mined in Yixing, a small town hidden in southern China.

Purple clay is increasingly rare, because most remaining quarries are almost completely empty. Some Yixing potters admit they will have to close down in a few years, while others are holding out hope that an additional source will be found.

Legend has it that a god once visited the town of Yixing. Annoyed by the unpleasant taste of tea brewed with pots made of the common mud and amazed by the generosity of the sip le peasants there, he decided to give the town a mountain of purple clay to help the people and improve the quality of their tea. Since then, Yixing potters have held a monopoly on this resource and have made some of the most fantastic teapots in all of China.

But one thing all purple clay artisans have in common is the level of care and skill they put into every piece of pottery.

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Out of Store: The Yixing web tea set"]The Yixing web tea set[/caption]

Check out the plump body of the teapot that holds in heat and keeps your tea fresh for hours. It stays stable on any surface, because the round shape quickly becomes flat for a secure base.

You even have two sizes of teacups that fit your liking. The tall, slim cups channel the aroma of your tea up to your nose, and Chinese people use them to sniff away tea fragrances. The shorter, round cups balance the flavor of your tea and are designed to allow easy sipping.

So get ready to know what your tea really tastes like and impress your friends with your knowledge of Chinese teaware, all because you have this Yixing purple clay tea set!

Guarantees: All of our tea sets are the works of master potters who perfected their techniques through years of tradition and training. We are proud to guarantee the quality of your tea set.



This conservative china tea set is the choice of the most tea set collectors.


This china tea set made perfectly for tea drinking experience with its double layers.


Live Long With the Rarest of Yixing Chinese Tea Sets

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Out of Store: The Yixing green and black tea set"]The Yixing green and black tea set[/caption]


This unique tea set is sold out. Please have a look at our other models.


 Can you resist the fascination of this curiously designed Yixing purple clay tea set? It’s both artistic and practical.

You've never seen such a cool design. The lid of the teapot, handles, and inner walls are made of green clay, and the outer surfaces are black with green cuts piercing the dark surface. Green clay and black clay are the rarest varieties of Yixing purple clay.

Notice its sandy surface, which indicates it is genuine purple clay. Touch the pieces, and it feels like touching the finest of sand.

Then take a look at the brown button on the lid: it is in the shape of a Lingzhi (gyrophora), a rare kind of Chinese herbal medicine that represents luck, wealth, health, and longevity.

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="320" caption="Out of Store: The Yixing green and black tea set"]The Yixing green and black tea set[/caption]


Local Anecdote: Chinese legend says there was once a fairy who came down to earth and fell in love with a man. This violated the laws of heaven, so the man became very ill and was going to die. To save him, the fairy risked her life to return to heaven and steal a special Lingzhi. Some ancient Chinese believed a Lingzhi could bring the dying back to life.

But it doesn’t stop there, because this set is the perfect combination of beauty and function.

The absorbent walls of each piece retain some of the fragrance, flavor, and color of your tea. So the tea nourishes your items, and the more you use them, the more beautiful and lustrous they become. Tea stored inside also adds to every infusion, giving you a stronger taste each time.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="252" caption="Out of Store: The Yixing green and black tea set"]The Yixing green and black tea set[/caption]

As you enjoy that flavor, look at spout, button, and handle of your tea pot: they line up perfectly straight. This guarantees your tea pours smoothly out of the pot. And the tall, V-shaped lip on the uncovered recipient is very difficult to craft; only master potters can make it.

Even in the hot summer, keep your tea in this set all day long without worrying about its freshness. The pot and cups are unglazed and porous, so they have great air permeability and can keep your flavor from going bad.

These great qualities are all because of the rare Yixing purple clay used to make this set. Yixing is a small town in southeastern China. This special clay has made Yixing tea sets the preeminent choice among tea lovers worldwide.

However, this all-natural clay is running out nowadays, so not everyone can have one. Experts predict that remaining reserves will in just a few years.

Your room is even more tasteful and cultured with this rare set. It appeals to your guests, and now impress them with everything you know about it!

Guarantees: All of our tea sets are the works of master potters who perfected their techniques through years of tradition and training. We are proud to guarantee the quality of your tea set.





Unique china tea set has hot sale, and we only have one this china teapot available.


As far as we know, masters they don't product artwork in bulk. And this china teapot is very few on the market.


Delicate Chinese Teapot: Yixing Butterfly and Flower


It is Chinese Yixing clay tea pot handmade in Yixing with the price of 172 US Dollars.


While marveling at the distinct beauty this tea pot has, one can smell directly the scrumptious scent of the tea getting more and more astringent and appeals to the senses. Once sipped, the taste is even more delicious than the usual. One may wonder why that happened.


No, it is not the additives and definitely not just the imagination. It is not because of the tea, or maybe the tea has something to do with it because from the very start it is the tea’s flavor and aroma that are heightened right. Anyway, to make the record straight, the secret lies in the very material where the tea stands on, the clay that is molded into a beautiful tea pot like this one.

The clay is more commonly known as Yixing purple clay. This clay has a

unique characteristic of having pores in it. The pores have a tremendous effect on the tea leaves, extracting the natural goodness of the tea and retaining some of it inside, so infusion after infusion brings out a whole, new and more delicious blend of tea.


This teapot is also excellent for holding in more warmth than the usual and keeps the drink fresh all day long, thanks to it jacket like effect on newly-brewed teas. So the next time one brews a pot of tea and forgets about it, worry not for the taste and aroma all 200 milliliters of it will still be as good as if it was taken right off the heating process.


[caption id="2" align="aligncenter" width="280" caption="The Yixing Butterfly and Flower Chinese Teapot"]The Yixing Butterfly  and Flower Chinese Teapot[/caption]
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The artist who made this pot took him/her months to complete. Skills and years of experience are two main ingredients to make this one. Each pot is hand made so even if the same potter makes another one of this kind, the result is a whole, new pot but with the same quality and beauty like this.


The artists use rare purple clay that can only be found in Yixing, China. Due to its functional marvel as a teapot, the clay has been mined and used for almost two millennia now. What is the result? Well, the result is an almost-exhausted source of clay. Historians say that once, the clay was limited for Imperial use only but it later became available for almost anyone.


So if an artist gets his/her hands on this clay, he/she does everything

to make it worthwhile, beautiful and functional. Only a master potter’s hands can transform a doughy material into a piece of art like this. Look and one will see closely that the handle, button and spout are aligned. Functionally, this makes pouring easier and drinking even better. No worries on the heat of the infusion though, it is contained by the dual covering of the pot. That is style and function all in one pot.


Who can not notice the wonderful hand painting of a flower and a butterfly on the belly of the pot? Depicting beauty ala nature at its very best captured in one unique teapot. In Chinese legends, a flower and a butterfly represent vitality, purity and beauty amidst the not-so enticing surroundings.


Having this teapot shows one’s love for beauty and quality without compromising one another. Be wary though for your friends may get envious of your possession and on your brand new realization with the Chinese culture.


Guarantee: All of our Chinese tea sets are the works of master potters who perfected their techniques through years of tradition and training. We are proud to guarantee the quality of your tea set.


Yixing clay, as well as Jingdezhen porcelain, are the two best material for china tea set. The next nice looking china teapot is made of high quality of yixing clay.


Yixing clay tea ware is classically apperaed by just one clay teapot. And this china teapot is worthy of being collecting.







Mandarin Duck Teapot for a Lifetime of Tea



One-of-a-kind, exquisite Yixing purple clay teapots like this one are both functional and rare works of art. Now, this purple clay tea pot is offered at discount price of 131.73 USD.

Look at this unique, handmade design. The grip on the lid is a mandarin duck’s head. Its black eyeballs shine in the light. The potter added lifelike texture by carving fine lines and painting elegant patterns to show his feathers.


[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="250" caption="Mandarin Duck Chinese Teapot"]Mandarin Duck Chinese Teapot[/caption]


And the lid itself fits perfectly onto the mouth of your wide-bodied pot. Because the lid sits flush on top, all the steam, aroma, and flavor of your tea is trapped inside for a perfect brew.

Also notice the large handle. It feels soft in your hand, and the broad curve makes a perfect ring, so it is very easy to grip.

From the handle, run your fingers across the top of the pot and down to the spout. See how the spout, duck’s head and handle are perfectly aligned with one another? This guarantees a straight, smooth pour every time.

Cultural note: Once two mandarin ducks fall in love, they will stay together for life. The Chinese see them as a symbol of devoted love. Some say Yixing clay is also a symbol of true love. Laymen and emperors alike have cherished teapots made of Yixing purple clay for centuries. Emperor Qianlong had quite the collection, and carved his calligraphy on them to express his admiration.

You must have noticed the appealing luster of this pot. This shows it is made of pure Yixing purple clay, which has been celebrated as one of the best materials for making teapots.

This clay is porous, so your tea gets absorbed and nourishes your teapot every time. The wonderful clay can even take in oils from your hands as you touch it, so the outer surface becomes even more beautiful and lustrous.

But this precious clay is in danger of running out nowadays, so much so that the Chinese government has taken steps to protect it.

Get the most out of your tea, and share your knowledge of an ancient Chinese tradition with friends!

Guarantee: All of our tea sets are the works of master potters who perfected their techniques through years of tradition and training. We are proud to guarantee the quality of your tea set.




China teapot made of high purple clay is a good one, but if it is crafted with fine chinese calligraphy, then it would be a wonderful one.


Chinese tea is associated with buddism, and this china tea set well embodies how chinese tea relate to buddism culture.


Antique-Looked Chinese Tea Set: Dragon Totem



A unique purple clay teapot is from Yixing, China and now it is only 193 US Dollars.


The very first tea set produced in the world originated from the very place where tea infusion was born. In the Yixing region of China (the only source of this unique material), purple clay, red clay or “zisha” was the main component in the aptly called Yixing tea sets.  Pot making began to rise during the Sung Dynasty (960-1279) but it flourished even further during the reign of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644).


[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="250" caption="Dragon Totem Chinese Tea Set"]Dragon Totem Chinese Tea Set[/caption]

However, before purple clay became a staple in tea pottery, tea was used to drink directly from drinking bowls after being brewed. The said clay was used in making jars, bowls and the like until it was later discovered as an ideal element in tea set making.


The Chinese tea set contains one tea pot and two teacups. The teapot can hold water up to 200 millimeters, equivalent to one drinking cup. On the other hand, the tea cups can accommodate 70 millimeters of water. The reason for the cups’ low water-holding capacity is to allow the drinkers to savor the hot brewed tea used in ceremonies and social gathering in ancient Chinese tradition.

The tea’s design is inspired by the ancient Chinese dragon cane. On the wares, the relief map of this antique cane was intricately pictured. The dragon symbolizes the masculine energy and fertility of an emperor and the emperor himself. In line with the tea session’s reputation as a form of a royalty event; the legendary creature encrypted in a king’s cane is the perfect design.


What are the distinct properties of this purple clay that it has captured the hearts of almost all tea potters in China and even influenced the porcelain-dominated tea ware in the West?


Apparently, the color of the clay commands immediate attraction and beauty. The double layering of the ware is designed effectively to not burn the delicate hand handling the set.The glazed outside part of the set enhances more the ware’s color. However, the inside is left uncoated so that the natural pores of the clay are not blocked and the flavor, aroma, smell and warmth of the tea being brewed remains.


[caption id="2" align="aligncenter" width="160" caption="Your tea set becomes seasoned as you use"]Your tea set becomes seasoned as you use[/caption]
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Gradually, the teapots and cups become seasoned and the distinct flavor of the tea is absorbed for a long time. This unique property suggests that a set should be used for a certain type of tea so that there will be no mixing of the blends. Some of the teas that are best used with this set are black tea, flower tea, pu er tea, fruit tea, and so on.


The ingenuity of Chinese people and the help of Taiwanese technicians, the product is made to meet the above standards required by the European Union, American Food and drug Administration and the Switzerland SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance) which are three of the world’s most organized teams in product inspection.


Literally, the set means “to go as you wish” or “all wishes come true”. There is some truth behind it. From just being a local product, it has spread now to the rest of the world not in its primitive form but in a 280-by-180-by-120 box with a design that tells a story of culture, history and quality. The manufacturers get more than what they wished for.


Guarantee: All of our Chinese tea sets are the works of master potters who perfected their techniques through years of tradition and training. We are proud to guarantee the quality of your tea set.





Yixing clay tea set usually not very floral, but this china tea set is exception, which leads it to be special one.


With shape of dragon as handle, this china teapot is a must for your tea set collection.